In 2005, in May , to be precise , a Saturday when it was sunny and warm , I threw in a company , an experience strictly speaking a bit special . I put myself on a pedestal , ramrod straight and silent as the grave , equipped with a helmet , four meters in front of me on a table mounted on trestles , one hundred and twenty eggs.

This device was installed in a square along the main pedestrian shopping street and a medium-sized city . Of course, no indication was given no sign. As for me, I had to remain silent throughout the experiment. The series was filmed from a surrounding balcony at a sufficient distance so that the camera can not be seen.

I wanted to know if people dare lay my eggs. Would it be so simple instincts awaken latent violence within a busy crowd?
Being assumed that no, I had accomplices. These were to take 30 minutes after the start of the performance and " initiate movement" assuming that if someone starts, others will follow. Mistake that was mine anticipate, will control a space which by its nature is uncontrollable.

As well said Guillaume Désanges "Public space, by his life energy , is the place the best and also the worst : that of incomfort , the unpredictable chaos . It is never home. Any intervention remains out of control. In the public sphere , we must accept the unique opportunity of unprecedented brutal confrontation with spontaneous art, but also, at the same time , rejection, indifference, contempt. " ( No. movement 44, July / September 2007 )